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Spice Up Any Event with the Master-Class Services from Epic Events

So, we heard that your wedding is around the corner and everyone at Epic Events got excited to be a part of it. Being the leaders in the event management industry, Epic Events has the ability to turn any ordinary event into an extraordinary one. We strive hard to provide tailor-made service for our clients and you will find us the most reliable in the business too. Talking about events, we cater to almost everything that you may require during an event. Be it a wedding or an anniversary or a birthday party or any other personalized events, there is a range of service that you can opt for. Wondering what services you can get at Epic Events? Here’s a list of everything you need to know:

DJ Services

Any party is incomplete if it does not have music in it. Music is the glue that makes everyone stick to the dance floor. And, as far as entertainment is concerned, we have got your moves covered. There are some of the best DJs in the business who work for us and will make the dance floor go crazy with their groovy mix of songs. We have played at weddings and numerous events and each and every member of the crowd have enjoyed to the fullest. Our motive is to make sure that the event is a success even if we play a small part in it. Our DJs have that innate ability to keep the guests entertained throughout the party. And, what’s more, you can also make one of our DJs, the MC of the event. We believe that your event is our event too and just like you would want it to be a successful one, we also have the same motivation to make your event successful.


Pictures can speak a thousand words when they are clicked properly. And, that is what we are best at. We cover the photography part for any event and you will find the photos to be so dreamy. Think of them as the memoirs that you will cherish years after when you are sitting and recalling as to how the event went. We can assure you that you will definitely remember Epic Events because of the epic photos that our photographers will take. Capturing the moment of an event is what we are best. The events that we have covered till date are living examples of the magic that our photographers can create through their lenses. From pre-wedding photoshoots to taking memorable photos on the wedding to the reception party, we will not miss anything that comes our way. Our team is always enthusiastic to come up with new poses for the bride and groom. You can also check out some of the amazing photos that we have already taken on our photography section to find out how good we are at this service.

Cinematography and Video

Any event becomes extra special when the video is taken and you see it with all sorts of background music and cinematic edits. It can be the first birthday of your child or your first anniversary or even your wedding, we make cinematic videos like no other. Our editing team is a genius and so is the videography team. Our ability to cover the biggest of events have given us the confidence to make any event look special on film. You must have seen the wedding videos of your friends or relatives and how dreamy they look once they are played. Epic Events will make sure that your video looks far better than what you have seen till now. We have a collection of wonderful tunes that will suit well for any event. One of the best things that you will find at Epic Events is the editing. Our editors have a wonderful idea of what to keep and what to edit. In fact, we also bring you into the picture so that you can suggest and let us know if you want any particular part of the video to be added or removed. There are times when we removed the bits and parts of drunk relatives to make the video look neat and clean.

Photo Booth Rentals

A very fun part of any event is the small booth where guests go in and take photos in various poses by putting on different props. The pictures that come out are hilarious. Epic Events will provide photo booth rentals for your event too. There are hundreds of different props that you can use from the photo booths and we guarantee that your guests will have a wonderful time. Kids are very fond of photo booths and that is why we have an entirely different section for kids where they can dress up as their favorite superheroes or cartoon characters and take lots of photos. We will print them and even make a collage if you want.

Wedding services

Weddings are epic. And, so are we! We don’t just knit through the photos or videos or music; we create an atmosphere that can make your wedding the most memorable one for you and your guests. Our way of monitoring the crowd and keeping them entertained in every way is what makes the weddings so perfect. From versatile music to the dancing tunes of the DJ to the picture-perfect photography, everything is well-measured and tailor-made for our clients. We believe that the wedding is as much your event as ours. That is why we work hard to get everything right for this special day. Our trained team has worked very hard to get great accolades from previous clients and the testimonials speak for themselves. So, if you have a wedding in a few months or planning a big party, do let us know at the earliest. We will be more than happy to make your event successful and memorable. Just as the name goes, we try to make every event epic for our clients. Give us a call on 201.203.6400 or write to us on info@epiceventsnj.com and we will take it from there on.