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Dance Floor Lighting

Dance Floor Lighting as with any of our Lighting adds Atmosphere to your Special day.
Dance Floor lighting is controlled by one of our Lighting Technicians and helps to add a party atmosphere to your room. If you want to keep it simple and add some texture to your walls and ceiling. Or a crazy fun lighting for a Night club feel, our Lighting staff can make it happen the way you want. We always want to make sure you are in the Spotlight on your special day so we will gladly do so.

Dance Floor Lighting Packages Start at $800.00 with a Lighting Technician

Up-Lighting / Atmosphere Lighting

This is the # 1 choice when it comes to Lighting! Most Host/ Hostess want to set the Atmosphere and mood. Well Lighting is the way to do it. Up-lighting will enhance the Centerpieces, Floral and Decor in your room, as well as add Atmosphere. We offer Up-Lighting in Static only or Color Changing / Static:
Static Up-Lighting A static or single color used to enhance your room and add atmosphere. The colors of the Light will stay the Same color for your entire event.

Color Changing / Static: You’re The Boss and we want you to be involved so You will pick the beautiful static color your guests will walk into. You can choose your favorite Color or we can help you choose to help enhance something in the room. We will then use the Color Changing option when its time for Grand Introduction,Exciting Moments at your reception, and while the Dance floor is rocking ( ALL NIGHT LONG )!

Up-lighting starts at $850.00 but is customized for each and Every client.

Monogram / Gobo

Custom for your Event and your Event only! Lets add the Final Touch of Elegance and Customization to your event with your Monogram. We can put it on the Dance floor but remember your floor is going to be rocking so maybe we should find a Nice wall for it instead 🙂Take a look at previous Monograms we have created for past clients. Let’s use a monogram from your invitation, or we can create a new custom one just for you.

Monogram / Gobo’s start at $300.00

LED Event Lighting in Pine Beach NJ

Reasons To Contact Epic Events For Party And Event LED Lighting Services

If you currently live in the borough of Maywood New Jersey, and you have a special event that you would like to have in the next few months, you will need professional help. There are companies that specialize in creating events and parties for both individuals and businesses. You could be planning a bar mitzvah, birthday party for your daughter, or you may have a corporate event that you would like to set up. Doing this on your own might be too difficult, especially if it’s going to be extremely elaborate. Here are a few reasons that you should use Epic Events to take care of any party or event that you would like to have.

What Events Can They Do For You?

The events that they can do for you will include personalized events that may be for family members or friends. They can also create corporate events that can be extremely elaborate. They will bring in LED lighting, party and event lighting, and even LED lounge furniture that will help make the event a success. These are just a few of the many items that they can bring and set up for you. They also offer a multitude of services that they offer which you may want to take advantage of.

Services Provided By Epic Events

The services that are provided by Epic Events will include bringing in photography equipment, video equipment, and entertainment in the form of DJs or MCs. They can provide you with centerpiece decor, using unique designs, and they may also bring in live musicians. HD displays can also be provided. They offer many different types of lighting which include LED lights as mentioned earlier. In addition to this, they can also provide social media stations and photo booths that can be used for both personal and corporate events.

Other Events That They Will Be Able To Set Up

Some of the other events that they can set up will include weddings, life events, corporate events, sweet 16 birthday parties, and bar mitzvahs that you may want to have for people that you know. They are highly skilled, capable of coordinating everything to make the entire events a success. It does not matter how many people will be there. As long as you provide them with ample time to prepare, they should have no problem at all doing this. It’s also easy to contact them by either email or by calling them on the phone to talk to them about their services.

Lounge Furniture Rentals

When Should You Schedule This Event Or Party?

Scheduling these events or parties is something that can be done very efficiently, but they must have enough time to get all of the materials, entertainment, furniture, and the lighting that will be needed to create the perfect get together. It is recommended that you contact them at least a month before you need to use their services. This is simply to make sure that someone else has not booked them for the same day and time. Additionally, this allows them to have enough time to prepare for the event, allowing them to schedule everything professionally from start to finish. The earlier that you contact them, the higher the probability that it will be a success.

If you have thought about using a professional company to help you with a party or event, Epic Events is the business that you should call. This company has been providing these services for quite some time, and will have all of the materials, and the expertise, to do any of these events properly. They also offer reasonable prices for their services. If you are able to schedule a time to work with them, preferably several weeks in advance, you will be very happy with the final result. This is a business that prides itself on providing the best possible services as it will inevitably lead to word-of-mouth advertising for the services that they offer in Pine Beach NJ.