Smart Wedding Reception Decorating Ideas: A Guide For Every Bride

epic-events-wedding-reception-husband-and-wifeWedding receptions are usually the most awaited part of a wedding. Sure, there is a different kind of feeling everyone gets from a solemn wedding ceremony. But let’s face it, it’s normally the party at the wedding reception that people love to experience. Give your guest a taste of uniqueness by following these wedding reception decorating ideas.

Set a cohesive theme

Nothing beats a properly themed and well-coordinated wedding reception. Of course designing it doesn’t have to be to the “T”. In fact, It’s the uniqueness of each reception that makes it more interesting. However, it’s an eyesore to have too much going on as well. So balance your colors by choosing complementing ones. Design your venue with just enough unique decorations that blends well with the venue. You could go crazy with one element, but advisably not with all.

Customized Entryway for your wedding reception

wedding-arch-with-lanterns-epic-eventsLet the party begin! Now the entrance to your reception would set the mood for the rest of occasion. So it is a good idea to give some thought into decorating your entryway well. The normal decoration for this would be an arch with balloons or flowers. But other unique arch ideas could be:
Lanterns –  using lanterns is a smart way of decorating your arch. It can give your guests a feel of zen in two ways. One is from the wonderful façade the lights create. And second, using scented candles for your lantern will also heighten up their sense of smell for the good time ahead!
Photos and quotes – all you need to do this are colored boards, glue, paper and some strings. Simply attach photos and quotes from your favorite literature onto the colored board and decorate. Use the strings to hang them into the arch. Photos of you and your husband plus some inspiring quotes would surely be a pleasant sight for your guests to see.

Customized Photo Backdrop for your Wedding Reception

Nothing beats a special backdrop of your own that caters the feel of your wedding reception. This is one of the “in” customized-photo-backdrop-epic-eventsthings in wedding receptions these days as they are perfect for the never ending selfies of your guests. And would make a good addition to your photo album.
Photos – of course the top pick for this would have to be your photos. Everything may just be of you and your husband, it’s your wedding anyway! But should you decide to do a themed one, I would suggest to do something to celebrate life. Use photos with your family and friends too. Not only does this create more attention (you know how people are when it comes to reminiscing with old photos). But also a way of saying thanks to the people you love for being a part of your journey towards marriage.
A Colorful display – may it be of shapes, doodles or letters. It doesn’t matter! A dash of color for your photo backdrop would definitely make things spicier for you and your guests. Another great idea for this is to ask every guest to write their wedding wishes for you on colored paper and stick it to the backdrop. Not only does it make for a good design but it would surely be a good addition to your home as decoration and a way to commemorate your wedding day.

Customized table décor

colorful-wedding-tablesYour table setting and décor would definitely give you and your guests the spirit of the party and food! There are a lot of nifty ways to actually decorate and give identity to each table for your reception. This also makes a little more fun for your pre-wedding discussions about seating arrangements!
Words instead of numbers – using words instead of numbers for your tables would definitely give your guests the kick of fun. If for example you decided on a “dreamy” feel for your reception, instead of the normal 1,2,3, etc. try using names of constellations or other wonderful themed things.
Make it fun – a splash of color would again make things even better for your tables. You can achieve this by using colored glassware, table cloth or centerpieces. There are available rentals for these kinds of stuff or you could simply ask your events manager to arrange this for you.

Customized Special Effects

Add a little more flair.  Moments that has so much epic-events-confettiemotion such as your first dance as husband and wife or
your dance with your father definitely deserves to be highlighted. What great way to achieve this than to do some special effects right?
Smoke machine – it could make your special moments more dreamlike and yet so beautiful. Imagine dancing to a little smoke enveloping below you while you hold on to the man of your dreams. Just thinking about it must give you the feels.
Confetti – what’s a party without a little or too much confetti? Well with this one, you can go wild! You can arrange a special twist to this by adding some treats to the party poppers. Whether it’s candies or chocolates, your guest would surely love the idea of some sweet stuff falling like rain from the sky.
Whatever you decide in doing, make sure you have some trustworthy people to help make your ideas come to life. But whatever the case may be, always remember that your wedding and wedding reception is all about you and your husband. So whether you decide to go crazy with wedding reception decorating or do nothing at all, it won’t even matter that much. What really matters is that you and your husband have finally tied the knot, and having your family and friends to celebrate the moment with you. So breathe it in, enjoy and congratulations!

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