How to Prepare for Your Prenup Shoot

how-to-prepare-for-your-prenup-shoot-prenup-shoot-ringsBy now you may have already picked all the things you need for your wedding. I assume your gown fitting is half way through. Now let's get to the good part of setting up your prenup shoot. I bet you would agree that this one of the most exciting things prior to your wedding. Have you already thought of what you want to do for your prenup shoot? Well, let me give you some tips on how to make your prenup shoot an enjoyable and interesting one. Not just for you and your husband but for the enjoyment of all your guests. This article will discuss themes and guidelines for your prenup shoot.

Choose a cohesive theme for your prenup shoot

Your theme for a prenup shoot should be centered on you and your husband. It should highlight your likes, your interests and/or prevalent events or locations that relate to you. This could be a place where you two had met. Or a place where the two of you always go to on date or meet after a hard day’s work. It could also be about the activities you have been sharing together. Perhaps spending time at the beach, the theater or simply cuddling up on the sofa to watch movies. Of course you want your prenup shoot to still look elegant but at the same time give the expression about who you are as a couple. So just bank from all the activities and interests that you have. But of course, it doesn’t have to be exactly that. Just take the inspiration from there and let your creative mind and that of your photographer to expound the idea to a picture-worthy theme.

Plot down your locationshow-to-prepare-for-your-prenup-shoot-prenup-shoot-in-fields

Now, there’s no one else who would be the best fit to plot down the locations for the shoot than you and your husband. Of course, you need the suggestions of your photographer too. However, it will be really better if you have a working list already and let your photographer plot out your schedules for the shoot. Not only is it more efficient and time saver but it guarantees that you will have things covered at the end of the prenup shoot.

Look for prenup shoot pegs

What I mean by this is to look online for shots done by others for their prenup shoots and take things from there. This will be very helpful especially when you and your husband (or probably your husband alone) isn’t that comfortable in front of the camera. Yes, your photographer will likely still direct your shoot. But, having an idea of the shots and poses you like would make your lives extra easy.

how-to-prepare-for-your-prenup-shoot-prenup-shoot-creative-shotPrepare to let loose

Perhaps you are already aware that your chemistry would definitely project through the photographs. So psych yourselves about what’s to come. Make sure you and your husband to be has had plenty of rest the night before and is physically and mentally prepared for the prenup shoot. No amount of make-up and aesthetics could compensate for a non-rested body and mind.
The key to a prenup shoot is actually to have fun while being yourselves. Remember, this shoot is all about you and your husband to be. It should tell your story, show your chemistry and center on the love you share. If you have a well experienced photographer and follow my advice, you’d see how totally magical a prenup shoot could be.
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