New Year’s Party 2017: Party on a Budget

party 2017
Enjoy the upcoming year 2017 with family and friends. Do a New Year’s eve party to welcome another year.

December is here! In just 2 weeks, a new year will come. And what better way to welcome 2017 than with a kick-off party with family and friends. At the sound of “party” your face may already flinch, thinking how much that will cost you. Well, a New Year’s party doesn’t necessarily have to cost you so much. In fact, it could cost you almost nothing at all. How you may ask? Ask your family and friends to pitch in what they already have.
Here are some tips to save on your New Year’s party 2017.

pot-luck party
A potluck party is a good way to have variety on the table.

For Food

Let it be a potluck so everyone gives in a fair share of food. A potluck is an incredible way to have food variety in a party. Literally, almost all the food you can imagine in one long table! You may want to assign a few essentials to certain people such as a cake or a certain food of choice. But other than that, let the rest come in on random.

For Drinks

A potluck for drinks doesn’t sound so bad too. Asking people to bring a bottle of wine or two for the event is fine. In fact, I’m sure they will appreciate having their drink of choice available as they brought it with them. You know how you want to drink during parties but it’s always the wrong drink that they have? Well this idea is the answer to that. If your guests bring their own alcohol or drink with them, then they could drink what they truly want to drink.

For Decorations

new year party
Photo courtesy of Cindy Mam. Make this your peg for a memory wall.

This will be a sweet idea. Ask each of your guest to print out a picture from the previous year that they treasure so much. A special moment captured on camera. Have a designated wall on your venue where your guests could hang the photo. This will be a good memory wall for everyone at the party. A reminder of one awesome year that’s about to end.

For a Game

Want an easy game that requires not much of you at all? Do a “name that song game” featuring songs from 2016. All you need to pull this off is your phone, speakers and some handpicked tunes. For prizes, well, it need not be much, even just candies will do. The point of this game is to just have fun anyway while enjoying music at the same time.

kick off 2016
Be thankful of your blessings with this “bowl of blessings”.

For Entertainment

This idea is truly just to commemorate what happened in 2016. A way to be thankful of the blessings that the previous year had given each one of your guests. Ask your guest to write something they are thankful for on a piece of paper. Prepare a fishbowl and call it the “bowl of blessings”. At certain time intervals, pick one from the bowl and read it out loud to the crowd. This will show people what others are thankful for and to celebrate those blessings with them too at that moment.
See? A party need not be so expensive. You can pull off a fun-filled event even without spending a hundred dollars. The best part of a party like this is that, it brings people closer. Sure, it may be chaotic, and a little unorganized for a taste. But it’s already the end of the year, time to let loose and prepare for the crazy year ahead. Cheers and enjoy your New Year’s party to welcome 2017!

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