Mitzvah Magic Tips

Mitzvah planning can be overwhelming..  Here are some great starting tips to get rolling..bar-mitzvah-epic-events-nj

  1. Find the inspiration for your theme.  Will it be sports related, broadway bound, hollywood stars, or about
    music… Will your theme be inspired by your favorite vacation destination such as Walt Disney World!  How about an under the sea theme! We can go on and on with ideas..
  2. Find the right venue.  Look for a venue that will fit your celebration needs. Check out the venue’s reviews. Remember though, one bad review shouldn’t make or break your decision. If you know of anyone that has had a party at the venue you’re considering, get bat-mitzvah-party-epic-events-njtheir opinion. Take in to account your anticipated amount of guests, both children and adults.  How big is the dance floor area? How is the food & service? Is this a venue with more than one party at a time? Have you developed a rapport with your catering or event manager that would be coordinating your party? Are they accommodating?
  3. Early Planning.  The key to “stress-free” is early planning. Make a list & go to work one item at a time. The key to any celebration, not just a mitzvah celebration, is early planning. Set the date for your party well in advance. Discuss who you will be inviting.bat-mitzvah-epic-events-nj
  4. Event Services.  What services are you going to want at your celebration?  Do you want a DJ & MC, photography and/or video services? Who will be doing the decor and design for the celebration? Will you be using a planner to coordinate the party? Should you use a one stop production company that can supply all of your services without dealing with multiple vendors.

In an upcoming blog we will talk about locking in the great entertainment as well as your photography needs.

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