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affordable-wedding-photographer-epic-events-nj-1A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience for every bride and groom. And more than the ceremony, the party and everything in between. There is no denying that it is through photographs that the spirit of the celebration is preserved. You and your husband would want to ensure that some 10 to 50 years later, you can look at wonderful photographs with the same fondness as the day they were taken. There’s only one thing that might stand in your way of hiring the best wedding photographer: price. Although a lot of people would tell you to not hold back on the money you will be spending for this, there is no denying that every bride and groom to be should also be practical. But worry not, there’s still an outstanding yet affordable wedding photographer out there. You just need to know how to find him/her.
How to scout for an affordable wedding photographer? Read on for some tricks we have.

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Check Social Media

Almost every person in the planet is on social media. May it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. And I bet you there’s an affordable wedding photographer out there too that’s as good as other named wedding photographers out there. You can start off by doing a Facebook search with the keyword “wedding photographer” and you would instantly find results of those from your friends, referred by your friends and a lot of other people in social media. You can also make a post among friends and see what they have to say.


This never gets old in the books. Literally everything is so much easier through referrals from your family and friends. And the best part is that, you can even get an added discount on top of a photographer’s already affordable price. That is simply because an old client of his referred him/her to you. If you are lucky, you may even stumble upon some friends or real close acquaintances who happens to be photographers with a hidden talent.


This may be at the very end of your list, in fact it might not even be in your list. However, there may be really promising prospects on Craigslist too if you just know how to look for it. Do your search on your state, there is an option for you to do so on the site. This will be your primary filter. Next, scan through all the posting results and check how the photographer presents him/her self on the post. Did she provide valid points worth considering? Did she discuss about pas jobs or provide a link to his/her portfolio? If not, try messaging them to see their past works. Check if they could do a trial shoot with you for free or for a minimal price.

affordable-wedding-photographer-epic-events-njEvents Coordinator

If you have hired a professional to help you set up your wedding, then it would not hurt to have them source out an affordable wedding photographer for you. With sheer luck, you might even find out that they already have one available as part of their team. And if trust their company enough to hire them as your events coordinator, I’m sure you wouldn’t find any problems hiring their photographer as well. The best part of this is that, you would normally get their photographer at an acceptable price too!
Just a few more reminders. Do not be afraid to ask around and do some background check on your wedding photographer. You may also confer with them directly and address your concerns if any. You deserve to have the best team for your wedding, most importantly a very skilled photographer. So take your time before locking in your purchase for that affordable wedding photographer or company that passes your thorough check.

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