Entrusting Your Corporate Christmas Party to the Experts

Christmas is just around the corner and pretty soon after Thanksgiving, your company is to schedule a corporate Christmas party. If you have been tasked to be part of the planning team for the event, you’re probably going crazy with so much that you need to do. So why not leave this to the experts instead? If your company has a good budget for it, hiring an event coordinator would definitely be the best way to go. Hiring someone to take care of the preparations, nitty details and what not for your corporate Christmas party would not take employees away from the things that need be done in the workplace. I’m sure your boss would appreciate that.
So what can you expect an events coordinator to do to make your corporate Christmas party sensational? Well, what events specialists could do are endless. And it would not hurt to give out your suggestions, anyway, you’re their boss after hiring them.
Here are some suggestions for you to do and have for your corporate Christmas party:


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Having executives at a party can both be a good thing and a bad thing. Some executives crave elegance in a party as opposed to others whose idea of a party is all fun – the messier, the better. So the balance between messy and elegant could probably be having a lounge area for your event. The lounge could be a place for you to hang out with everybody before entering the room where the party’s at. At the same time, the lounge could be a place of peace during the event whenever people need to talk in private for some time. Or even just to catch a break from all the happenings.

Photo boothentrusting-your-corporate-christmas-party-to-the-experts-photo-booth

It’s a thing now to have photo booths in every event, more so if it’s a corporate event. It would be nice to have employees’ faces fit into a layout with the company’s name and design. Photo booths make for a good breaking-the-ice activity among employees. I have seen plenty of people who are not fans of having themselves photographed but totally get wild within the space of a photo booth. Also, these would make for great souvenirs. This and of course some wonderful prizes!

Team Activities

Now you could ask your event coordinator to come up with a list of activities for your corporate Christmas party. This would normally include some made up or traditional games. Some table to table competition. Even some corporate department rivalry. Of course this is just for fun and should not be taken too seriously. The point of these games is to bring the employees closer and to enjoy all together.

Corporate Giveaways and Prizesentrusting-your-corporate-christmas-party-to-the-experts-chirstmas-basket

What’s a corporate Christmas party without freebies and prizes? Haven’t seen one! It’s practically tradition. You can also entrust this to your event coordinator. They practically are also experts when it comes to putting some gift baskets together. Besides, they have far too many connections, from stores, suppliers to partners. Chances are, they could put together the most impressive array of giveaways and Christmas baskets for your company. That you otherwise wouldn’t be able to put together on your own at the cost they can.
Corporate Christmas parties is just one of the good ways to motivate and reward employees. That’s the reason why companies prepare to spend for them! With a good event coordinator, you and your colleagues are sure to have a blast in your party this year. Cheers and more power to all employees and the whole company!

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