Energized & Transforming Lighting Design for Your Celebration

So what are your lighting design needs? For your celebration party, there are several different lighting production dance-floor-lights-epic-events-njchoices available.

  1. Dance Floor Lighting.  This type of lighting design energizes the dance floor. The most popular & modern dance floor lighting is called intelligent moving head lighting.  Intelligent moving heads can either be mounted on various height trussing or floor mounted or a combination of both. Dance floor lighting can be designed to present various light & color patterns to fit your venue’s unique dance floor.  Graceful moving patterns are used to provide a unique elegance to slow songs & high energy patterns can be customized to add excitement & exhilarate the dance floor. These same moving heads can be used to “spot light” your grand introduction, first dances as well as toasts, cake cutting  & any other formalities for your celebration. “Spotting” guarantees that everyone in the room is focused on you.energized-lights-epic-events
  2. Up-Lighting.  These are multi-color capable lights (usually LED) that are placed around the venue to throw colored light up the room walls and on to the ceiling to enhance the atmosphere of your venue. Most modern up-lights use wireless technology & don’t require that gaudy outdated wiring. Up-Lights can be programmed to be static (one color) for your introductions, formalities & dinner.  They can also be controlled along with your dance floor lighting to display different light patterns, colors & fading consistent with the beat of the music.
  3. Moving Mirror Scanners.  The scanners project patterns of gold colored lighting on to the dance floor.  They are also mounted to trussing & are generally set up by the DJ production.

Click on the link below to see a clip of some high energy dance floor lighting & up-lighting in combination.
EPIC Dance Floor Lighting Clip

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